Carcinoid ileal
Ileal Carcinoid

(A.D., f., 43 ani / years old.)
Clinical Manifestations: intestinal subocclusion (Koenig syndrome).
Clinic: subocluzie intestinală (sindrom Koenig).
Colonic Barium Radiography: normal rectocolonic aspect, barium ebb in terminal ileum with complete stop at 8 cm from ileocaecal valve.
Irigografie: aspect rectocolonic normal, reflux baritat în ileonul terminal cu stop complet la cca 8 cm de valva ileocecală.
Surgical Specimen: ileonectomy 40 cm with ileoileostomy end-to-end, conglomerate ileal loops, tumour about 4 cm infiltrating all intestinal tunics, developed at 20 cm from ileocaecal valve.
Piesa operatorie (ileonectomie 40 cm cu ileoileo anastomoză T-T): anse ileale conglomerate; tumoră de cca. 4 cm, 
infiltrând toate tunicile intestinale, dezvoltată la cca 20 cm de valva ileocecală.
Histopathologycal exam: carcinoid.
Examen histopatologic: carcinoid.

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